Website Tutorials

Check out our tutorials below on using The Horse Show Hub for horse show managers:

Creating a show manager account

Click each step below to see more:

Adding an account

Start by selecting register at the top of the page

Next type in your preferred Email address (username) and preferred password. Now click Sign Up.

Once you have submitted your info, you will be redirected to your manager dashboard

You should also receive a conformation email once your account is created:

Adding your show to the Horse Show hub

Click each step below to see more:

Adding A Listing

Once you have created your account, Click the Add Listing button:

Next select the package that best suits your show:

Enter the name of the show as well as a description. Be sure to add a detailed description. When a user searches for keywords, your description (along with all your other submitted info) will also be scanned for relevant keywords

Continue by adding show contact info

Once you have completed your contact info, you may upload showbills, warm up schedules, stalling info, entry forms, etc. Simply click on the buttons shown, and select the files from your computer you wish to upload. 

*Please Note: Uploads should be in pdf file format 

Next you will come to the location portion. You will need to enter the location of your show. Begin by selecting the state your show is in. 

Then enter the name of your facility. Lastly you enter the address. (You may also manually plot the location on a map by selecting the "Pick coordinates" box.)

Now you can select your start and end dates for your show:

Choose the appropriate associations your show is approved for. 

(If your show is not approved for points, only select open show. Regardless of the format you model your show after. The exception being any catch rider formatted open show modeled after IEA, YEDA, etc. Select Catch Rider Open for that.)

Tags are a great way to select descriptions that help your show stand out. Check any that apply:

Lastly you can add links to your website and social media

Now click submit to preview your listing