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Checkout our tutorials on using the horse show hub
as an Exhibitor:

Signing Up:

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Creating a User Account

Start by selecting register at the top of the page

Next type in your preferred Email address (username) and preferred password. Now click Sign Up.

Once you have submitted your info, you will be redirected to your user dashboard

You should also receive a conformation email once your account is created:

Changing Your Info, Email, and Password

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Bookmarking shows to view later

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Bookmark your favorite shows

Use any of the search functions on the horse show hub "home" page or on the "Find a show" page. Select a show you like to view their profile.

Click the heart shaped bookmark button:

Once you have bookmarked 1 or multiple shows, you can view them in your Account under the "Bookmarks" option. Under this menu you can view the shows you have saved. There are shortcut buttons to take you directly to a shows listing. You may also remove shows under this menu you no longer wish to have bookmarked.

Comments and Reviews

Viewing and adding comments and reviews

To view comments and reviews click the comments text next to the details text. To leave your own comment as well as view others, click the add comment button:

Submit your review as shown in the image below: